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More IQ Testing: 250 New Ways to Release Your IQ Potential

Upcoming SlideShare. Like this presentation? Why not share! Embed Size px. Start on. Show related SlideShares at end. WordPress Shortcode. Representative Sample? Random Sampling? Threats to the Validity of research? Internal Validity? Degree to which you have measured exactly what you set out to measure. Requires strict control over your variables. External Validity? Relationship between Internal and external validity? Beneficence: "Do good". Enabling all to equally benefit from psychological research.

Don't just focus on one subject or one group of people. Structure: Dendrites? Structure: Axon?

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Structure: axon terminals? Types of Neurons- 3 types? Myelin Sheath:?

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  • Glial cells:? Commonly studied in psych. Steps in the process:? If stimulated sufficiently-reaches "Action Potential Threshold"3. Generates an "action potential" : electrical current is conducted down the axon"all or none law" : neuron either reaches threshold and fires of it doesn't. Remove Ad.

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    IQ Testing 101

    Psychology vi B. Psychology vii B. Income Tax Accounting.

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    • How many socks must he take out to make per cent certain that he has one pair of each colour? IQ Test Five 10 is to as is to More IQ Testing 11 Each line and symbol that appears in the four outer circles above is to be transferred to the centre circle according to these rules. IQ Test Five 12 What number should replace the question mark? Start at a corner and spiral in to the centre to find the number to replace the question mark. For example, 2B should incorporate all the lines and symbols that are in 2 and B. One of the squares is incorrect.

      Which one is it? IQ test six When the above is folded to form a cube, just one of the following can be produced. IQ Test Six 6 Which three pieces below will form a perfect circle when fitted together? One said, 'I am twice as old as you were when I was as old as you are now.

      IQ Test Six 15 How many revolutions must the large cog make to return all the cogs to their starting position? IQ test seven Which shield should replace the question mark?

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      IQ Test Seven 2 How many lines appear below? Draw the next ellipse in the above sequence. IQ Test Seven 7 What number should replace the question mark? IQ Test Seven 13 What number should replace the question mark? See if you can replace them. B Ans w e rs Visual analogy test 1 B; the shape in the middle turns over and changes from white to black and goes inside the shape previously surrounding it, which turns from black to white. The number of dots increases from three to four and they change from white to black.

      The triangle increases in size and goes inside the diamond. Three white dots change to four white dots.

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      The small square changes to a small circle. The small triangle changes to a large triangle. The middle circle changes to white. The bottom circle changes to black. The centre circle changes to white. Four triangles in total are formed by the arrangement of lines in C. B produces 10 triangles, C produces eight, D produces six and E produces four. Assessment Exceptional Excellent Very Good Good Average Lateral Thinking Test Answers Lateral thinking test 1 7; numbers in the middle square are the sum of numbers in the same positions in the other two squares.

      In the first half of the journey I have used up all the time required to achieve 20 m. The score progresses B is thus valued at Visual Sequence Test Answers 12 The shaded portion moves in the sequence 1, 2, 3, 2, 1 as shown below. The flaps alternate outside then inside the figure. When inside they are black.

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      Only when a symbol appears the same colour in the first two squares is it carried forward to the third square; however, it then appears upside down. So, difference between 8 and 5 is 3 and difference between 7 and 1 is 6. IQ Test Two Answers 7 15 8 23 and The remaining numbers are in pairs where the sum of the digits of each four figure number equals one of the two figure numbers, e. Diamond moves from a line to the next corner clockwise. Black dot moves one corner clockwise on the diamond. In 20 years' time, I shall be 60, and he will be Triangle moves one corner clockwise.

      Circle moves one corner clockwise. Black dot moves from a line to the next corner clockwise. A A AX X 7 C; only lines appearing just once in either of the first two squares are carried forward to the third square looking across and down. The bottom and third digits multiplied together produce the number formed by the second and top digits. Lines from the first two squares are carried forward to the third, but when two lines appear in the same position in these two squares they are cancelled out. To make sure he also has a pair of black socks he must take out two more. The first line always remains horizontal.

      Black symbols always change to white and vice versa. So, for example, in the first analogy a white oval becomes a black star, therefore in the second analogy a white star becomes a black oval. When lines are common to these pentagons they are not carried forward to the pentagon above. Thus the bottom row is the reverse of the top row, and the third row is the reverse of the second row.