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Carol Rivers' books are probably best described as "historical chic-lit" but there's something nice and comforting about books like that. Having also recently watched Call the Midwife , set in the same part of London in the s, I was easily able to visualise some of the places that are mentioned in the book.

Lily of Love Lane by Carol Rivers

If I have to have one complaint about this book it has to be the massive spoiler that is on the back cover as part of the summary of the story. I was over half way through the book when I noticed this spoiler and I have to admit that it really impacted on my enjoyment of the latter part of the book as I was always waiting for this particular thing to happen. I'm not quite sure why the publisher or whoever else is responsible would do this and I'm sure I can't be the only person for whom this gave away a twist to the story. In future I think I'll just pass on reading the back cover of any more of Carol Rivers' books, just in case!

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Lily of Love Lane

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Lily of Love Lane

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