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Midnight and The Pale

We learn from the scriptures that to have eternal life means to live forever with our Father in Heaven. He gave his Only Begotten Son to die for us, so that his beautiful promise may be fulfilled through the Atonement of Jesus Christ. He, the God of the universe, wants to be with you and with me.

Megadeth - Tornado of Souls (HD)

Life is hard. And there are so many distractions that keep us from remembering what our Father in Heaven wants so badly for us to never forget — that we, as his literal spirit sons and daughters, have immeasurable worth.

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But for so many, that is not an easy thing to accept or believe. We live in a time when who we are seems to depend greatly on what we are, or how others feel about us.

River Of Souls - Celebrating the Music of Dan Fogelberg

And it is causing anxiety, depression and feelings of inadequacy to the point of giving up. Comparison is stealing our confidence. Paul Cardall, an accomplished Billboard pianist, producer and artist, is seeking to change this way of thinking and to fight against these feelings that freeze us with self-doubt and insecurity by counteracting the dark surge of suicidal thoughts through what he knows best: music.

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A new heart. A new life. A new creation.

These words seem merely platitudes to some, but for internationally acclaimed composer Paul Cardall, they are quite literally the reason he is alive. Cardall, a two time 1 Billboard-charting pianist with 20 studio albums to his credit, is literally a living miracle. The Well of Souls Requiem is a personal interpretation of the death journey, a celebration of life as much as a song for the dead. This music is based in part on the classical form of Mass for the Dead, although it is not dedicated to a specific religion but to a wider honouring of spirit.

The Well of Souls Requiem is a personal interpretation of the death journey; a celebration of life as much as a song for the dead.

Music of the Soul

A Prayer is offered up that all may live and die with dignity, and honour this Hallowed Earth. The fragile being desires Sanctuary , calling out for a place of safety, until at death the soul tenderly whispers unto itself: Rest Gentle Heart. Compassion, forgiveness and Mercy are the graces that we can bestow. Together all living beings face the infinite and Eternal , moving beyond light and dark.