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Group mind tends to think in terms of absolutes, black and white, good and bad, right and wrong.

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Individuated mind people think in metaphor and symbols. The third group, the transformative mind, about I think about 3 percent of us, literally think, behave, and move in the world that is deeply transformational for all of us.. These are the people that create new paradigms of knowing and being. So, with all that said.. Discention from the group is threatening to the group and like I said before, is often met with ridicule, if not open hostility. I know that kind of rejection, it hurts..

So I guess reading this post from Echo got me thinking AGAIN about transformation and how change can be so scary and threatening to self and others. I suppose the answers will be revealed to each of us as we live into and through the next chapters of our lives… one intuitive step at a time. Thanks Echo…. You nailed it! Hopefully more Christians will soon experience and come to understand that these are Blessed gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Such a sad and common experience it is being looked down upon by people professing their life in Christ.

The Bible: The Truth About Psychics & Spiritual Gifts

In a dream I had where I was being ridiculed and condemned by some family, friends and other religious people to the point that I was weak and unable to stand , Jesus dragged me from their midst and helped me to stand and keep on going along my path. He may even be counting on our support for one another.

My gut feeling is it is a mixture of dogma, fear and control. All religion is man-made in my opinion. Christianity has a broad range of tolerance levels for lack of a better term.

The Gifts of the Spirit

Religious fundamentalists, or very conservative churches, fear anything that contradicts their man-made truths. I find it absolutely fascinating and depressing at the same time. I sense a time of great growth and awakening running simultaneously with a significant amount of fear and resistance to a consciousness that is evolving. For those stuck in the old ways, it must be downright terrifying to see the world as they know it crashing in around them. Groups that were once fringe and marginalized are now coming into their own, being accepted by society finally. The gray world that these people have tried so hard to suppress, deny and ignore is spreading.

It cannot possibly fit their narrowly defined black and white construct, and it must absolutely frighten the living hell out of them. It must be very hard for this woman to be shunned by her own family, but my instincts tell me after the initial storm of denial and fear passes, slowly her family will come to their senses.

The Bible: The Truth about Psychics & Spiritual Gifts by Kevin Schoeppel (Englis

Perhaps it is the spouses of her biological children who are causing this schism, and her children are either too afraid or too programmed to see through the manipulation. The silver lining I see is that her grandchildren have part of her same DNA pulsing through their veins. They will seek her out once they are out from under whatever influence s bind them to that kind of narrow thinking. I am so glad that you shared this. My friend called me to tell me that the signs I get from my father were not my father that he is in heaven and cant communicate.

That it was Satan. That Satan hides in the light. Not to go to a psychic because they are from Satan. That she was bothered by Satan for five years that he would wake her up at night shacking the bed. That she does bible studies and talked to god. If I have any questions to contact her. I was so upset after are phone conversation. I felt such negative energy. It bothered me for days. I am being honest that the bible sometimes scares me and confuses me. There has been so much killing and evil from religion. Salem witch trials, Isis, KKK, homosexuals that have been murdered for being gay.

The list goes on and on. I choice to have a person relationship with god and he is love.

Psychic Gifts of Intuition,Vision, Prophecy, & Feeling

I love in your book A still small voice where it says to write down your feeling about god. This helps develop a better understanding. I have been doing a lot of reading on developing psychic abilities, and have read a number of your books love them. I have been meditating and when I meditate I can feel my dads love coming through and gods love. It makes me smile. I cant describe it , its wonderful.

This is coming from my third eye. I have asked god while meditating to help me quit smoking. I have it has been almost two months since I have smoked a real cigarette. I am using the electric, but that it amazing because I have been under extreme stress. Today is hard one. I havent talked to my friend since, I know she meant well,but I now my dad has given my signs not Satan.

I really want to take your online psychic development classed that are starting in January. I do not think I will be able to now due to the situation that my daughter is in. Please say a prayer for her. I am very concerned about her safety.

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  • Send some healing prayers. Also wondering if you still do any ghost busting.

    The Gifts of the Spirit

    I grew up in a haunted house. Im still scared to go upstairs and down stairs by myself.

    There was a incident in where things came flying out of the pantry, even pop cans that were on the floor in the case, four chairs around the dinning room table were were tipped right over onto their backs. It is a old farmhouse located in shorview. I have bought some smudge sticks and want to smudge the house.

    Spiritual Gifts - Part 1 - What are They and How do They Work?

    I have never done this before, but thought it would be good to get some of the negative energy out. I feel bad for this woman who came out of the psychic closet and is shunned by her family. I think a lot of people really dont understand what it is about. Thank you so much.

    languagenerds.com/23-program-to.php Glod bless you echo. Your amazing. I hope things turn out for me and that I am able to take your classes. The Gifts of the Spirit are plainly seen in the Bible.