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Her main firepower was 48 pound canons distributed evenly between the lower and upper gun decks. Neither of the two shipbuilders, Jacobsson or Johan Isbrandsson, was present. For the test thirty men are required to run abreast from one side of the ship to the other. After the third crossing they were stopped. The Vasa was heaving and heeling so violently that there was a considerable risk that she would capsize.

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Even the shipbuilders were not notified. While the stability test was being conducted, the armament was still in the process of being produced and the artists were still working feverishly to complete the decorations. Consequently, it is unlikely that much, if any, of the armament or the decorations were on board at the time of the test.

On July 31 the king orders that the guns be taken aboard and that the marines be fully outfitted and moved into their quarters so that the Vasa can rendezvous with his fleet in the Baltic. On August 10 the Vasa sank. The king was in Prussia on August 24 when news of the disaster reached him. Another inquiry, however, was already under way. The next day a preliminary hearing was begun. Based on the records that have been preserved, it appears to have gone something like the following:. The canon had been fitted with wheels.

Three centuries later his claim was proven true. Also likely to be true since before boarding most had just come from religious services held that morning. Other questions were raised.

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Was the ship incompetently handled or maneuvered? Did she carry too large or too many sails?

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Was she overloaded? Was there something wrong in her design or construction? No incriminating answers were forthcoming.

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Attention was then turned to the surviving shipbuilders, Jakobsson and Isbrandsson, and their business partner de Groot. The number of guns on board was also as specified in the contract. De Groot mentions that the ship was built in accordance with the Dutch prototype, also approved by the king. The court was comprised of 17 persons, six of whom were members of the Council of the Realm and present at the previous inquiry. No conclusive result as to the cause of the disaster was reached by this second inquiry either.

No one was ever found guilty. No one was punished. The affair ended with no one knowing why it happened or who was to blame. Although blame was not firmly assigned, construction of Swedish warships subsequently came under more direct control of the Navy. After the Vasa , many successful war ships were built with two, three, and even four gundecks. The shipbuilders learned from the mistakes with the Vasa and improved their designs. History treats Gustavus II kindly. When he assumed the throne, Sweden was a small, impoverished country, humbled and at the mercy of the Danes.

Finland, Ingermannland, Estonia, and Livonia all belonged to the kingdom of Gustavus, and Courland was under Swedish influence. The conquest of Prussia and Pomerania would have made the Baltic nearly a Swedish sea. Gustavus concluded a subsidy treaty with France Richelieu , drove the imperial forces from Pomerania, and captured Frankfurt-on-the-Oder.

His innovations included building a national standing army, deploying small and mobile units, developing strategies based on superior firearm power, and integrating land with naval warfare. He was succeeded by his daughter Queen Christina Kristina , who abdicated in and became a Catholic.

In the peace of Westfalia in , Sweden was established as a Great Power.

These wars were very costly for Sweden, however, as only a small portion of the Swedish troops were Swedes or Finns. The use of mercenaries was extensive and expensive, in fact so devastating to the state finances that eventually the Swedish army was completely reorganized with soldiers recruited domestically and leading to the system of compulsory military service of today.

It is probably the warship Vasa , which sank on her maiden voyage in The raising of the Vasa from the harbor began on April 24, Due to the brackish water of the Baltic it was remarkably well preserved. It can be seen today at the Vasa Museum in Stockholm located not far from where it was originally built and where it capsized. The raising prompted a search once more for why it capsized and who was to blame. Mason of Southern Methodist University from public sources to be used for purposes of classroom discussion. Kessler, Paul E.

First the keel was laid.

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Then the bottom planking was added, being held together by wooden chocks nailed on. Following this the floor timbers were laid and the ribs built up around them.

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The skin shell was added, strake by strake, until the hull was high enough to float. Tender Type. Award Date. Independent Quality and Risk Assurance Services for the , and Census related projects and other projects. Security and Enforcement Services Contract. Catering for National Training Centre Rotorua. Bay of Islands Redevelopment Stage Two. Main building contractor to assist with the restoration of stained glass windows at Government House Wellington.

What is the impact of technological change on the future of work?

C Motueka Library Development. Ophthalmology Microscope. Stoke School Infrastructure Upgrade. SH58 Safety Improvements Project. Imaging Microscope System.


Data and Information Panel. Integrated Risk Management System. Evaluation of the Electric Vehicle Information Campaign. Policy and Levies Management Tender. Cashmere Valley Floor Planting.

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