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None of this is a secret. Which is one of the reasons I started the More Freedom Foundation five years ago. I may not be able to continue to do this work , but we need someone to do it. I launched a fund-raising drive last week , and the response has been incredible.

Court-ordered drug treatment on the rise

Your views, likes, subscribes, comments and reads make this whole thing possible. Please do reach out to us through Twitter , Facebook , Youtube , or our e-mail newsletter. Hey there! So is truly independent media possible? By crowd-funding my coverage, I get to be truly independent. This pretty much covers how the world is described by our government, our think tanks, and our universities. My paycheck depends on you, the viewers, so I can look at anything I want. This time last week I was convinced that this experiment was over.

I set a deadline, and I set a goal for crowd-funding that I thought was impossible. Over two years of trying I had only picked up 94 dollars a video. In his obituary, Robin Blackburn has recalled their joint work in producing two books for the journal, one on the national rise of trade-union militancy, the other on the international student revolt of the time—the latter, a best-seller, fronted by a trenchant overview from Alexander, one of the first pieces in England to speak also of the society of the spectacle, that continues to read well today.

In the autumn of the following year, a more youthful group—Anthony Barnett was a prime mover—started planning a weekly that would transform this scene, with a style of revolutionary journalism that would not be narrow, formulaic or catechistic, but aimed at a mass readership of the young, educated and critical, who were demonstrating in tens of thousands against the war in Vietnam. All decisions would be taken collectively, with no staff hierarchy.

But when the first number appeared in October , Alexander was effectively its editor. Title, conception and presentation were his. In the third volume of his memoirs Claud had described his extended involvement in the late fifties in a project for a new weekly with the Hulton Press, publishers of Picture Post, to be called Seven Days , in which he had high hopes but which was scuppered by the proprietors.

The Shame Of The Prisons

This was the name Alexander chose for the paper he would now produce. In hindsight, beside the paternal precedent, another strain in his inheritance is visible. Unlike Claud, Patricia had a highly developed visual sense, becoming late in life a successful shell-painter in Ireland. In Alexander, who bought paintings even in his tls days, this extended into a love of photography that he brought to the weekly in prospect. Handling covers, lay-out, typography and contents, Alexander gave to a common project a round-the-clock energy and panache all his own. Editorially, it fell little short of the aims it set out to achieve.

The paper lasted for six months before money ran out and the receivers moved in. But in that season he was in low water.

In A Colossal Wreck , he makes of his pass an entertaining legend:. One day in the late summer of I had occasion to be in the portion of south London known as Balham. It was hot, and the streets infinitely dreary. I turned in the direction of the subway station. A dingy sign caught my eye, in a sub-basement window. I knocked, and the sybil, in Indian saree, greeted me. She had Tarot cards and a parrot, a method of divination with an ancient lineage in India.

She dealt the cards.

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The parrot looked at them, then at me, then at the fortune teller. Some current of energy passed between them.

History of the Philippines (1898–1946)

Ahead of me lay a vast political landscape, seemingly of infinite richness and possibility. Never for a moment have I regretted my journey westward. There, on the strength of an article about chess, he persuaded the publisher of the Village Voice to let him run a projected books division while contributing to the paper. Coming to Manhattan for the first time in the summer of , and staying in the capacious apartment that by then he occupied in Central Park West, bohemian Art Deco in feel, was a revelation for me: streaking like a literary—and social—meteor across the cityscape, he had entered into the plenitude of his gifts.

As soon as I read copies of the Voice that were littered around the sitting-room overlooking the park—I was scarcely aware of its existence till then—I realized that he had developed a style of attack journalism of pure exhilaration.

Your War on Drugs: 6, Words on the Shame of the Nation by Robert Morris

Its mixture of elegance and insolence, at once savage and hilarious, was unlike anything I had ever seen before. In the self-important press of mainstream America, one bloviating conformist after another was being taken apart. Sulzberger, footnote 19 I suggested he photocopy everything he had produced since getting to the States, and assemble the columns he was carelessly dumping or scattering about him for a future collection.

Much later, he would draw on them for Corruptions of Empire. Over time, an American legend grew up that Alexander had hit local journalism like a bolt of lightning by introducing an English fashion of polemical writing, unknown in the us , but familiar in Britain.

SDH2015 - "The Shame of the Nation" by Jonathan Kozol

I lost count of the number of Stateside obituaries that repeated this notion. Nothing could be further from the truth. In point of style, Alexander himself did not write like this in London: his pieces in the tls were often quite stilted, in keeping with the conventions of the paper and the period. Jon is a pretty left-wing guy, and I am not. We also cover how essential it is to have independent media voices like ourselves. We may be a little biased on that topic….

I hope you enjoy it! Oh, Sharia. We completely forget that we traveled a long road to get to our current state of gender relations, religious tolerance, and legal rights and obligations. We also ignore the fact that our government has been eagerly participating in the spread of the worst ideas and approaches in Modern Islam. By all means, provide outlets for actual dissidents from these countries, who want to develop a better approach. But we need to look more seriously at our own approach to the Muslim world before we start angrily insisting on our vision of how Islam should be practiced.

I find the whole conversation very irritating, which may come across a little too strongly in this video. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times… That quote describes the state of my YouTube channel pretty well. It has racked up almost 20, views over the past couple weeks. This is all great! So, this video sets a deadline. I would love to keep doing this, and if enough people chip in on Patreon , I will.

But whatever happens I will always be grateful to all of you for making this dream seem possible!

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Many thanks! Well this is awkward. Comey over-politicized the FBI long before the election. But under Trump?